Clemm – Consider the Lilies (cd, 2007)


cd-uitgave van mijn eerst full-length Clemm-album ‘Consider the Lilies’.

cd edition of my first full-length Clemm album ‘Bird Hands’.

Featuring Robert Fisher (Willard Grant Conspiracy, USA), Rosa Agostino (Red Ghost, AUS), Richard Neuberg (Viarosa, UK), Lucky Fonz III (NL), George van Wetering (Monokino, NL), a.o.

Artwork: Teis Albers




Consider the lilies (cab003, cd)
cd, 14 tracks

1. A Lily and a Frown
2. Rules and Regulations
3. Two Kinds of Pain
4. Gold
5. Vulnerabelle
6. With Childlike Wonder
7. Lithography
8. ExternalEternal
9. Circus Street
10. You Forced a Smile
11. All I Know
12. Such a Cliche
13. An Hour with Calmer Wings
14. Change the Weather

artwork by Teis Albers
cab003 © 2007