Yesterday I put on the tv
and Desmond Tutu told me
there is hope for us all
though it may seem very small
it will find its way
through hardships and war
there will be a day
we can no longer ignore
that we are all the same
and have nothing but ourselves to blame
for situations we create
a solution is never late
he said God has given us the right
to choose and to decide
to live the way we please
though there is death and disease

I hope to see the day
we will all see the light
I’m not talking ’bout death
no heaven on my mind
it’s more like hippie love
that of the quiet kind
but when I switch the channel
and get back in the mess
of everyday life
I do have to confess
that there’s too little beauty
in this world to be seen
but with people like Tutu
life can become a dream
and if dreamers will unite
what if they really might?
just imagine what they’d do
or are you a cynic too?