The fact that your parents grew up on this land
does not make it yours
the fact that your ancestors fought for this land
does not make it yours
whether they suffered or they conquered
whether violent or peaceful
we are all immigrants in this country
we are all natives in this world
with our own culture
our own traditions
our own families
and our own wishes
sure, there are laws to obey
order should be or chaos will reign
I won’t ask you to give your property
I won’t ask you to give anything
All I ask is for you to realise
you were one of the lucky ones
‘cause where you live
can you sit in your house
and go where you please?
can you speak your mind
without fearing the police?
where you live
are there bombs on hospitals?
is your government killing its citizens?
If the answer is no
you are one of the lucky ones
are you willing to see
the world through different eyes
and simply sympathise
with everyone
not just with that foreigner married to family
or that foreigner friend that you have
but with everyone on the run
for noone should be a refugee.