Down the line

There’s some nice stuff coming up. This is what you may expect from me:

  • Later this year, my 365 poems will be released in book The Dutch edition, ‘Ademwolken’, will contain 260 poems while the English one, which goes by the name of ‘Breath clouds’, will contain 105 poems. Both will be available in my store and through a.o. websites.
  • By now, I have written enough songs for a new full-length Clemm album. The songs are almost finished: they only have to be mixed and mastered. I’m really looking forward to present my first album in Dutch to you soon.
  • Together with my daughter Stella (5), I have written six Dutch children’s songs. I’m still looking for the best way to release them (e.g. as animation videos or in combination with a children’s book).
  • The two of us also make cheesy carioca funk (baile funk): 5-year-old MC Stella already writes her own lyrics in Portuguese and I make beats that suit her sentences. J
  • Next to that, I have also finished two Dutch children’s stories (Wraoh Wraoh and Zizah Zebra), which I presented at Grupo Cirandar in front of an enthusiastic young crowd. My goals is to release them as picture books.
  • For Meneer Janssen I finished two new songs to learn The Dutch irregular verbs. Frans van Gastel (You Echo) is going to make video clips for these songs.
  • Frans and I also teamed up recently to make cinematic electronic music under the Flugroove There will be a video coming out for our track Chance Traveler.