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Breath Clouds are mostly short poetic observations written in Dutch and English. Sometimes cheerful, but more often of melancholic nature.

Both the English and Dutch language seem to lack a common term for the visible exhaled breath in cold air. Most people simply describe it as ‘seeing your own breath’. I think ‘breath cloud’ (Dutch: ademwolk) would be a suitable word and I hope you will mention it enough for it to once enter the dictionaries. That would in fact be the ideal consequence of this project and website.

Sometimes it’s good to keep stuff. After 20 years of putting my thoughts down on paper, I noticed that I still appreciated a lot of these poems, thoughts and song lyrics. At the beginning of 2016, I decided that I’d like to share them with the outside world. That decision then quickly lead to a crazy plan to post one Dutch or English text a day on Youtube in the form of a spoken word video. I asked my good friend Frans van Gastel (YouEcho) if he’d like to create the 365 accompanying videos and he was willing to join the madness. The project kicked off on my birthday, April 25th.

The idea was nice. In practice however, it was a lot of work. During the project, it turned out that about 150 texts needed to be written still and posting ‘daily’ actually meant every single day of the year. All in all, it was a great learning experience.

Our main conclusion is that our plan succeeded. On April 25th of 2017, our last breath cloud appeared online and we are quite proud of that. The end result can be found on this website: 6 hours, 14 minutes and 46 seconds of video material, a place for you to dwell in. You can search through our archive on theme, tag or word or simply click on some nice pictures.

Would you like to read the poems in a physical book or e-book? Or would you fancy a traditional Dutch wisdom tile in Delft Blue design on your wall? Then you’re more than welcome to have a look in my shop.

In case you’d like me to perform on your stage or in your living room, you can contact me through Any other questions or remarks are of course more than welcome too! Hope to hear from you.

“A poem a day keeps the doctor away”

Kind regards,